Greetings traveller! Welcome to "The Adventures of Torus" - a hand drawn comic strip chronicling the crazy life of Torus, a barbarian on a mission!

I hope that you'll stay a while, quaff some ale by the fireplace, and enjoy my tales. I'm not an artist but I've done my best to impart a sense of action and adventure into my storys. Enjoy!

The Maurader

An evil wizard is summoning a demon and is about to bind it with a sacrifice...but Torus arives just in time!

The Maurader - Part 2

Adventures 3

Torus is captured, wakes up in a dungeon and is then tied to a log by some guards.

Adventures 4

Torus extracts revenge, makes good his escape, and grabs a little treasure along the way.

Copyright (c) 2007   Jake Birkett