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Art Outsourcing
 (2D, 3D Game Art - by RetroStyle Games)

Blitz Research
 (The home of BlitzPlus, Blitz3D, BlitzMax)

Indie Games The Weblog
 (Awesome blog for indie game news)

 (The Art & Business of Making Games)
 (Indie Games, Browser Games and Casual Game reviews)

 (We love casual games)

IndieGamer Forums
 (Professional indie developer forums)
 (Games, Sounds, Fun Educational Software!)

Bantam City Games
 (Home of Invadazoid!)

Jagged Blade
 (We supply the enemies, you supply the destruction!)

Ancient Soft
 (Free game downloads, vb components, dlls and tools.)

Foppy Games
 (Play free online games and download free PC game demos)

 (Shareware and freeware game downloads)

Curse of the Pharaohs
 (Jake Birkett was Lead Tester)

 (based on an idea by Jake Birkett)

Binary Joy
 (Games you love - news and reviews)

 (retro 2D gaming)
 (Check out cool retro style games here, Free Downloads!)

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