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Regency Solitaire

(for PC and Nintendo Switch™)

By Grey Alien Games

Experience the romance of Regency England, in this sumptuous solitaire game. Help Bella take charge of her destiny and create the ballroom of her dreams.

Play your cards right as you tour historic locations, from stately homes and lavish gardens to the fashionable towns of London, Brighton and Bath. Decorate the family ballroom to unlock gameplay features and improve Bella's chances of finding true love!

Avoid the clutches of the odious Mr. Bleakley, and reclaim a lost fortune. Cupid's arrow can't fail to find his target - in Regency Solitaire, love is always just around the corner.


- Smooth, satisfying solitaire gameplay.
- Makeover Bella's ballroom and costume.
- Sumptuous art and romantic storyline.
- 180 unique levels spread over 20 chapters.
- Unlock 31 exciting gameplay upgrades.
- Normal and Hard modes.
- Specially-composed, classical music.
- Can set backgrounds as Desktop Wallpaper (PC only.)
- This game is DRM-free!

Low Price!

PC: £6.99 / €7.99 / $9.99
Nintendo Switch™: £9.99 / €10.99 / $11.99

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"Best Card Game of 2015" - Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"Unsung games of 2015" - Eurogamer Editor

"2015 Staff Picks: The best of the year" - Indiegames.com

"Best Casual Game (2015)" - Nerdy But Flirty

"Top 10 Games of 2015" - Giant Bomb/Felix Kramer

Reviews and Customer Comments:

"I am so into Regency Solitaire that I spent lunchtime on that instead of Dota or Destiny. This is a BIG DEAL." - Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"Um, Steam just told me I spent 32 hours on Regency Solitaire in the last 2 weeks." - Felicia Day

"This fresh, romantic take on Solitaire will have you hooked." - Leigh Alexander - Boing Boing

"It's a really nice game. Expertly made, wonderful art, animation, and well-written characters." - PC Gamer

"I started it thinking it would just be a bit of throwaway fun. I've now played it more than StarCraft 2." - Kotaku

"A hypnotic plaything which takes the pastime of patience in a radically different direction." - Eurogamer

"Playing Regency Solitaire for 26 hours was an honour and a delight." - Giant Bomb/Felix Kramer

"Regency Solitaire, with its attention to detail in story, gameplay, and artistry, stands as an example of how a standard game can be reinvented with creativity" - Game Rant (4.5/5)

"It had me hooked from start to finish and is definitely one of the most addictive examples of the genre" - GameRamble (8.3/10)

"A wonderfully addicting, deceptively simple solitaire game. Get it!" - Nerdy But Flirty (A)

"The next eleven hours of my life were a blur." - Smart Bitches Trashy Books (A-)

"Regency Solitaire is one of this year's most surprising games." - DefunctGames (B+)

"Regency Solitaire is a fantastic game in an underappreciated genre." - Gamestyle (8/10)

"The game is wonderfully endearing and I think a lot of people will be surprised if they give it a chance." - Indie Games

"Regency Solitaire is as beautiful, clean, and elegant as the time period it represents ... a fine little treat indeed." - jayisgames.com

"I am so in love with this little game, I find that no superlatives will do." - Jenn Frank (The Frisky)

"The fast-paced play in combination with the catchy, romantic storyline, all layered under a decadently illustrated setting, wins over the heart of any Yankee who paid the £50 to take a tour of Bath and Stonehenge while visiting London" - killscreendaily.com

Quick Look: Regency Solitaire (video) - Giant Bomb

"I love every minute, every second, every word of this game." - @WardfireYT (YouTuber)

"Regency Solitaire is an incredibly addictive and family-friendly title ... it consistently left me saying 'one more level' late into the night." - videogamesandthebible.com

"Regency Solitaire is an addicting and entertaining solitaire game that you can enjoy for hours and hours." - allaboutcasualgame.com

"Challenging, relaxing and satisfying in equal measure, the game managed to keep my attention for long periods of time" - Go Play That

"Regency Solitaire manages to engage the player while using game mechanics that are easy to pick up, but can require a lot of strategy to master." - Infinite Indie

"This is a game that you could play and enjoy even if you have no interest in the historical period or the story." - Emily Short

"The solitaire genre might be quite traditional in nature, but it's far from old fashioned under the watchful eye of Grey Alien Games." - Remeshed

"I absolutely love the game. I could play it for hours... It played beautifully, no tech problems at all, and the graphics are really lovely! Congratulations to you and your lovely wife in a job well done!" - A. Layton, Texas

PC Minimum System Requirements:

Operating System:
Processor Speed:
Hard Drive Space:
Graphics Card:
DirectX Version:
Sound Card:

Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
DirectX7 or OpenGL compatible 3D graphics card

Regency Solitaire is a product of the GamesLab South West programme.

Creative England GamesLab South West is a programme of investment and support, designed to aid and sustain the growth of the region's burgeoning games' industry through the development of innovative games and IP. Working with emerging and established companies, Creative England GamesLab South West aims to create the conditions necessary for the most innovative and commercially astute games companies from around the region to flourish. Working with employers, students and individuals, Creative England GamesLab South West also delivers initiatives to create jobs and ensure the retention of established and emerging talent within the region to sustain the growth it aims to deliver during its two-year lifespan. Creative England GamesLab South West is funded by the European Regional Development Fund, supported by the Government's Regional Growth Fund and led by Creative England.


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